About Us
Centraus is Structural Engineering making a difference. We look at the life cycle costs with building construction and take unique approaches to unique projects which provide tailored solutions to complex problems.
Our Mission
Our mission is to meet and exceed our client’s expectations on every project we deliver, by providing innovative, cost-effective solutions while adding value to the overall project.
Michael King
Michael King has extensive seismic design experience gathered in New Zealand, USA, and in Haiti (following the devastating Earthquake in January 2010). This vast background of projects and locations provides for a unique outlook on the possible structural solutions that can be designed for each project. 
Director, Senior Structural Engineer
CPEng, IntPE, SE (USA)
Hashim Sikanderi is an engineering Graduate from ARA and has been working with centraus for 3 years working assessing the structural integrity of buildings all around New Zealand. With a passion for exploring he has wored on some of New Zealand's historic Buildings including the repair of the Woods Brothers Flour Mill. 
Hashim Sikanderi
BIM Advisor
Community Involvement
Centraus is always active within the community, sponsoring teams, attending events and investing in local companies. Currently are a sponsor of the Canterbury Red Devils!!