Welcome to Centraus

Were here to make your property safe

Giving a client what they need and go beyond what they are asking for is Centraus’s philosophy. With many issues facing building owners (and potential building tenants), our expertise is here to listen and provide cost effective solutions, while maintaining resiliency and desired performance levels.
Project success relies upon taking responsibility to create a lasting effect. We believe thinking in a direct and honest approach in collaborating with engineers, architects, builders, project managers, owners, and all others involved in the creative process, makes for a cohesive, efficient and complete design.
Structural Engineering
Building Evaluations
Building Repairs
We provide practical structural engineering design for your development projects. Working with your performance expectations, we'll develop a bespoke structural design to suit your needs.
We'll visit your building and give you advice on any earthquake strengthening or repair strategies.
Our team has had experience all around the world and now are applying thier knowledge to the Christchurch earthquake repairs.
If you've got a project you want to talk about then feel free to get in touch.